US Democrats win the Senate and the House of Representatives… Can the American people resist!?

The Democrats reversed and won the Senate without waiting for the Georgia showdown on December 6.

This time, it’s the House of Representatives, and in a couple of days, they’ll also decide the victory of the House.

He will put an end to the scandal before it becomes a public fuss, blaming Mr. Trump for the loss of the Republican Party, and spreading anti-Trump propaganda mainly in the media to put pressure on him to declare his candidacy.

The question is, when this happens, will the American people be able to stand up and resist, just as they did during the Revolutionary War!? is.

Here, if nothing goes wrong, the American people will have tolerated injustice twice, and it is easy to imagine that even if President Trump were to run for office two years later, he would be defeated by the same method.

Therefore, the survival of America’s glorious history of freedom depends on whether or not the American people can immediately rise to protest against this new injustice. If we wait and see, the history of freedom will come to an end here, and the Western world, with the exception of Russia, will, like the Communist Party of China, enter the dark ages.

At that time, the American people were too dependent on Mr. Trump alone at that time, and they themselves regretted that they had not done anything.



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